Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Caribou - Melody Day

As if getting a PhD in mathematics wasn't enough, Caribou main man Dan Snaith has consistently released solid albums year after year. His last proper album The Milk of Human Kindness still currently ranks as one of my favourite all-time albums. So, it is with great anticipation that I had expected to patiently wait for the release of his new album Andorra on August 21st. Fortunately, I don't have to wait that long, and nor do you. Snaith knows he has big expectations on his head, and he gets off to a strong start with the lead-off track "Melody Day", which combines the psychedelic style he's known for, along with some 60s Motown sounds, and a cacophony of percussion. Snaith has always had the ability to walk the fine line between pop and experimentation, between sounding completely nostalgic and completely modern, and this new album is no different. The song is right on the brink of becoming a noisy mess, but Snaith is able to hold it all together with some incredibly poppy and catchy melodies. There are definitely some exciting things going on here.
"She's the One" features a guest appearance, and is co-written by Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan.

Bonus Track - She's the One


Anonymous said...

This album is great, a big sonic wonder as always.

Anonymous said...

wasnt his last album called "the milk of human kindness?"

but yeah i agree with jeff this album is incredible

prozak said...

yeah, it's definitely called 'the milk of human kindness.' i don't know what i was thinking when i wrote that. thanks for the heads up!

amazing album though, definitely check him out live if you can.

Anonymous said...

have you seen him live before?

Anonymous said...

Yep, saw him live in Cardiff. Band was; Mr Snaith on drums, laptop and other instuments, another drummer who doubled up with him, and a chap making lovely feedback on a jazz guitar. Tight band. Fantastic sound. Highly recommended.

prozak said...

yeah, i saw him live in hamilton a little while after the milk of human kindness was released, and it was definitely one of the tightest shows i've ever seen. he mixed up all the songs, added more percussion and insane drumming and probably burst my eardrum to shreds.

Wendy said...

Wow, amazing you already discovered this beautiful song last year. I'd like to keep coming back to your blog to find new music, but I see you don't have an embedded player to listen to music.

That would be a great idea! That way downloading a whole mp3 is not needed.

Best wishes, Wendy