Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Goodbooks - The Illness

I'll admit that I haven't traditionally been a fan of what we commonly call Brit-pop, but I'm starting to get the impression that I've been missing out on some good bands. For me, the Goodbooks are the type of band that makes me confront all my poor stereotypes of British music. "The Illness" comes from their recently released The Illness EP, and I might consider it one of my current obsessions. Their reliance on pop music structures allows the band to create truly unique interpretations of pop music. Ironically, the raw energy and powerful emotive lyrics of this first single reminds me of another British band - Bloc Party. But whereas Bloc Party often makes straightforward pop music, the Goodbooks take these structures and work them for their own benefit and create some really amazing works. In particular, you need to check out "I Will Find You" included below.

» Bonus Track: I Will Find You
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Just been getting into Goodbooks myself recently. I agree about the pop structure and the lyrics certainly are notable. Great post