Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the Harlem Shakes - Red Right Hands

The Harlem Shakes album Burning Birthdays seemed to slip just under my radar. But, with only a self-released EP to their names, I guess it's no surprise that the band hasn't received much press yet. However, I kept hearing their name pop up on Pitchfork's website through their guest lists section. The Harlem Shakes seem to have won the favour of several prominent indie bands who have named them their favourite current live band, and this encouraged me to seek them out (Pitchfork mind-bogglingly gave them a 7.3 rating along with a quite negative review). While they compared them to the Beach Boys, I hear a bit more of a rockabilly feel to their music. In fact, the band kind of reminds me of another young up-and-coming band, the Born Ruffians. They both have a penchant for odd, off-beat lyrics and catchy melodies. Definitely a band to keep your eyes open for.

Bonus Track - Sickos

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