Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Teeth - Shoulderblade

The Teeth are a band out of Philadelphia who have garnered comparisons to all kinds of celebrated British musicians, everyone from The Kinks and The Beatles to Elvis Costello and early David Bowie. Clearly I had my doubts, but still I couldn't resist checking them out, and in the end was quite pleased to find some fantastic vocal harmonies dancing around jangly rock rhythms. You're My Lover Now is their third release, and yet it still feels like a band in the midst of discovering their sound; the album jumps around quite a bit between polished pop gems and raucous scorchers. At times they remind me of The Kaiser Chiefs, other times more like The Hives, but for the most part it is all enjoyable. Interesting side note: the album was apparently mixed by Nick Krill of the Spinto Band. Check out "The Coolest Kid in School" for the closest they come to emulating Ray Davies and Co. You're My Lover Now is available now on Park The Van Records.

» Bonus Track: The Coolest Kid in School
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