Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Animal Collective - Peacebone

In a year of greatly anticipated and widely leaked albums, Animal Collective's newest release Strawberry Jam, scheduled for a late September release, has been easily the most anticipated, and desperately sought after album of the year. Over the past year, live tracks have been circulating all around the web, with fans just trying to get a taste of some new material. But in the past couple days, three songs have emerged, along with a whole lot of hype. And of course, as everyone can expect from Animal Collective, they do not disappoint. "Peacebone" is my favourite of the tracks so far and it is definitely a treat to hear the band going in new, interesting directions, with greater emphasis on electronics, and more focus on lyrics and vocals.


Anonymous said...

Hey Animal Collective fans! I found his cool new site where you can listen to him for free!

Anonymous said...

the link are broken!