Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bonde Do Role - Office Boy (Architecture in Helsinki Remix)

Last summer I was fortunate enough to see Bonde Do Role in concert opening for CSS and Diplo. While, I think they put on an amazing performance and would have stole the show if it weren't for some other amazing performances, I don't think the band's energy has ever really translated to album. The band's recent album With Lasers is definitely fun but is fairly one-dimensional. But ever since the band put out their first 12", the real hits of Bonde Do Role have been the remixes. Though having a very limited selection of songs, people love remixing their work, and their recent "Office Boy" single features some of the best remixes I've ever heard of their stuff. Architecture in Helsinki wisely keep the very upbeat, fun, very unserious vibe of AiH's work and Bonde Do Role's album and is probably my favourite. It features, whistles, claps, gnarly guitars - everything you could ever need. CSS, of course, adds a fun, funky beat and makes a great dance hit, but the real treat is Sir Khan's gloriously danceable remix.

Bonus Track - Office Boy (CSS Remix)
Bonus Track - Office Boy (Sir Khan Remix)

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