Friday, June 22, 2007

Interpol - Rest My Chemistry

Well, maybe they aren't too good at choosing album covers, but at least they seem to be trying to make changes in that department. If only their sound changed as drastically as their album covers, perhaps this new album would surprise me a bit more. Musically-speaking, the band hasn't changed their sound much, but they seem to have done a better job of perfecting their sound. I can't completely write them off because, while sounding similar to their earlier work, it sounds much much better, both in terms of production and songwriting skills. "Rest My Chemistry", "No I in Threesome" and "Who Do You Think?" are definitely some strong songs, probably the best I've heard from them since their debut album. Near the end of the album the band tries out a few new sounds, and I think this is where they really hit their stride, which is particularly nice since the band has a tendency to lose their bolts halfway through an album. This may be the first time I've listened to an entire Interpol album without skipping through several tracks. Again, it's not terribly new, but it's probably the most thorough album they've released to date, and a pleasure to hear.

Bonus Track - No I in Threesome
Bonus Track - Who Do You Think?


Dev Ravenga said...

hey! i was just wondering where you got the album from? i really really want to get it! could you possibly email me a link? my email is thank you so much if you can!

Anonymous said...

Email the link for the album? C'mon...a few tracks leaked, that should be good enough. Buy the album on 07/10. That's what these blogs are here listen to other tracks on the album to see if its worthy of buying. With you being an Intepol fan, you should support them anyway. Not undermine the ability to get artists paid.

I am an established artist and this is my opinion...along with many others.

Fetal Pig said...

I agree 100%- Antics kind of disappointed me, even though it was decent. Good review