Friday, June 08, 2007

Von Südenfed - the Rhinohead

Although it doesn't really seem like a match made in heaven, the pairing of the Fall's Mark E. Smith (aka "the great MES" as he refers to himself) with Mouse on Mars to create Von Südenfed actually works surprisingly well, and together they have made one of the year's great unexpected dance hits in "the Rhinohead". Each of them kind of makes up for each other's flaws; MES adds a sense of spontaneity absent from Mouse on Mars work, and Mouse on Mars adds some sort of cohesion and sensibility to MES' often rambling vocals. Throughout much of the album, MES comes off appearing as a pissed off club DJ, rambling over techno beats, but the music and production provided by Mouse on Mars has a way of holding it all together creating an entirely interesting album. They even do some really fascinating manipulation to MES' vocals like on the track below, "Serious Brainskin". The album has the potential of becoming a glorified version of a mash-up between two seemingly incompatible groups, but the end result is something much funner, and more enjoyable than either of them could have expected.

Bonus Track - Serious Brainskin

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