Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new EP Is Is is(?) a collection of five songs that have become regulars in the band's live performances, but have yet to find a home on one of the band's proper full-length albums. Although, it is a bit unclear exactly when these songs were recorded, these five songs sound completely out of sync with their last album Show Your Bones. These songs have a much harder edge, and much rawer vocals, guitars and production, reminiscent of their earlier EPs. Though I liked Show Your Bones, like all great indie posers I loved their earlier work, and it's great to hear the band return to form. 'Down Boy' starts off with a quiet guitars and a simple beat, before exploding with Karen O's screaming vocals and screeching guitars. Definitely worth checking out.

Bonus Track - Rockers to Swallow


jon jon said...

yo dank ya much YYY

Mavis Ang said...

great song, you're great too

Anonymous said...

it starts off with keyboard, and don't forget the great drumming