Monday, July 09, 2007

Hot Hot Heat - Give Up

By my reckoning, Hot Hot Heat have been in danger of fading into obscurity after the release of their last album Elevator, which was not commercially successful enough to turn them into The Killers, but at the same time alienated a lot of fans since it dropped most of the wicked synthesizer and addictive rhythms. It just seemed a little too premeditated and overproduced, and the majority of the songs were far too straightforward to bear many repeat listens. It's a shame, considering the accolades that Make Up The Breakdown received from a lot of people, but they might still have one last shot to remain relevant with their next full-length album. Happiness Ltd. doesn't hit stores until September 11th, but the first single "Give Up" is out now (it will also be gracing the soundtrack of EA's next Burnout game apparently). If you ask me the track is just okay... it's nice to have the synths back again, but I'm assuming (and hoping) this is also the most radio-friendly track on the album. Did someone mention The Killers? Hmm. Well, I'll definitely give them the benefit of the doubt, but I'm fully prepared to accept the fact that their time may have passed. (Also included below is another HHH b-side from The O.C. Chrismukkah compilation. Enjoy.)

» Bonus Track: Christmas Day in the Sun
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