Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Rentals - Life Without a Brain

When Matt Sharp first struck out on his own from Weezer in 1995 and formed The Rentals, their debut album was ironically titled The Return of The Rentals. It is only now, some 12 years later, that the true return of The Rentals is almost upon us. They first announced their reunion in October of 2005, and launched a short North American tour with Ozma in 2006. Now they are about to release their first new material since the album Seven More Minutes. The Last Little Life EP will be released on August 14th, and will serve as a teaser for their upcoming yet-to-be-titled full length album. The new line-up features Rachel Haden, sister of original female vocalist Petra Haden, who also contributed back up vocals on the first album, and Ben Pringle from Nerf Herder on synths, along with Sara Radle (vocals/multiple instruments), Lauren Chipman on (viola/vocals) and Dan Joeright (drums). The EP is a superb return to form, and it certainly left me wanting more. Now if we could only get Matt Sharp and Rivers Cuomo together in a recording studio again.

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