Monday, August 27, 2007

Shy Child - Astronaut

If you ask me, Supersystem's Always Never Again is one of the best albums from the past few years that no one heard. Take the sweaty rhythms of !!!, and add in some manic synths and a hint of D.C. post-punk and you might have a close approximation of Supersystem (formerly known as El Guapo), but for some reason they never quite managed to attract as much attention as they deserved. After releasing their second full-length album under the name Supersystem, A Million Microphones, the 4-piece quietly disbanded and went their separate ways. But wait -- it's not too late to latch onto a piece of the Supersystem legacy: keyboardist Pete Cafarella and drummer Nate Smith are now concentrating full-time on their 2-man side project, Shy Child, and their new album Noise Won't Stop captures a lot of what was missing from the last Supersystem album. Just about every track on this album has the potential to get a dance floor moving. Noise Won't Stop hasn't been released in the U.S., but it's available in the U.K. on Wall of Sound Records.

» Bonus Track: Generation Y (We Got It)
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