Monday, September 24, 2007

Cinemechanica - I'm Tired of Paul McCartney

The nebulous genre of "math rock" can be interpreted in a lot of ways; by my reckoning it lies somewhere within the realm of punk, tech metal, experimental and progressive rock (a broad spectrum indeed). But the strange thing is, whenever you stumble across a band that falls into this category, there is absolutely no mistaking it. The intricate guitar riffs, complex percussion and awesome synchronized cacophony of rock power just knocks you on your ass, and that's how you know. This is precisely what happened the first time I heard Cinemechanica. I found out about this band because they moonlight as the Nintendo-themed cover bands Contraband, Megaband, and Ninjagaidenband (apparently math rock and video game music go hand in hand, as Hella's Spencer Seim also plays in The Advantage). For some reason I didn't expect their original stuff to be all that interesting, but damn... their album The Martial Arts is some of the best math rock I've heard since North of America. Also worth checking out is Bryant and Jeremy's other band, Serka.

» Bonus Track: Antsin Japants
» Bonus Track: Serka -Kitcheninja
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