Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bunnies - Alec Eiffel

I've never really understood the concept of putting out a tribute album for a band who are still together, although I suppose in the case of The Pixies, how "together" they really are is currently up for debate. As long as I get to hear some new interpretations of old classics, I really can't complain, and in the case of Dig For Fire: A Tribute to Pixies there are at least a handful of decent renditions worth checking out. Some of the bands involved include Mogwai, The Rosebuds, They Might Be Giants and Elk City, but probably the most adventurous song on the entire album is British Sea Power's eerie six and a half minute instrumental take on "Caribou". Still, I've always had a soft spot for "Alec Eiffel" and the Bunnies have a bit of fun with that here as well. I also threw in a track from an older Pixies tribute album called Where Is My Mind?, which featured Weezer and The Get Up Kids, among others.

» Bonus Track: British Sea Power - Caribou
» Bonus Track: Braid - Trompe Le Monde
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Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear a Pixies cover that even comes close to sounding as good as the original. If you're a band that's "gonna" cover a Pixies song, then really, really reinterpret the song 'cause if it sounds too similiar to the original it doesn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Pixies covers/tributes are a tough thing. You are right; they are sort of together-ish at times in the modern era, which may or may not make them off-limits, but their impact was made nearly 20 years ago now (oh. my. god.), so it's kinda hard to tell someone that it's not OK to cover them. There is a great Pixies cover band from my area called No. 13 Baby. They say themselves that things were awesome for them... right up until the Pixies got "back together". However, contrary to Tom's experience, I really enjoy watching bands that play Pixies songs and pretty much do them justice. Honestly, seeing a great Pixies cover band was almost better than seeing the Pixies themselves at Bumbershoot a few years ago...