Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Shondes - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

It's been a year or so since Sleater-Kinney officially called it quits, and I've been left wondering where to go for a good fix of angsty yet refined grrl rock. With S-K guitarist Corin Tucker busy raising a child, and other guitarist Carrie Brownstein apparently busy promoting Rock Band (!), it's time for them to pass the torch on to another up and coming group. And who better to accept it than The Shondes, a quartet combining radical politics and Jewish perspectives into total rock anthems. I hope they're not sick of the Sleater-Kinney comparisons, because the vocals really are spot on, but they certainly add their own musical flavour via the incorporation of violins and more traditional Jewish arrangements. Their first full-length album, The Red Sea, hits stores on January 8th and I think it's going to pay off for them big time. You can preview the entire album now via this wonderful E-card.

» Bonus Track: The Mother and the Colony

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