Friday, February 01, 2008

The Mae Shi - Pwnd

The latest album from L.A.-based spazz rock outfit The Mae Shi finds them moving away from short melody-packed bursts of frenetic noise to somewhat extended, more progressive songs. Although 3 minutes may not seem long for the average band, to The Mae Shi it is almost an eternity. How on earth did they manage to sit still long enough to record a song that is 11 and a half minutes long? Perhaps it has something to do with the departure of founding members Ezra Buchla and Corey Fogel to form Gowns. Either way, it's an interesting direction for them, and without scaring anyone, I have to admit that there are some moments on Hlllyh where I was alternately reminded of Refused, The Mars Volta and Akron/Family. Which isn't to say The Mae Shi have gone prog, but they've certainly expanded their repertoire a bit. The vocals have become shrill and almost unbearable at points (on "Party Politics", for example), but it's still not without its charm. Give these tracks a listen and see what you think.

» Bonus Track: I Get Almost Everything
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