Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Pornographers - The Speed of Luxury

I know a lot of people felt the last New Pornographers album was simply coasting along on their previous work, without really progressing or adding anything particularly new or exciting. I wouldn't necessarily disagree, but for me, an average New Pornographers album is still head and shoulders above the material that a lot of other bands put out. As a compliment to Challengers, the band also released a series of b-sides, and when placed alongside the album they do help round it out a bit more. "The Speed of Luxury" almost has a Pixies vibe to it, although it eventually breaks into a familiar-sounding chorus, while "Fugue State" is a more laidback A.C. Newman tune. If you like these songs, you might consider ordering the complete "Executive Edition" of Challengers, which also includes a disc of live songs (assuming it's still available out there).

» Bonus Track: Fugue State
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