Monday, April 07, 2008

Free Blood - Grumpy

I've been eagerly anticipating a full-length release from Free Blood ever since they posted their first song on MySpace a couple years ago. Although they still haven't delivered on that LP, I'll be more than happy to listen to new material from them in two song increments so long as they keep putting out EPs as good as this. John Pugh used to be the percussionist for !!!, and if you're a fan of !!!, you'll find that there is a very familiar off-kilter rhythm that drives most of their songs. However, "Grumpy" strays from that mold and ups the tempo slightly, producing what could be their most addictive track to date. There's no question that this music was made for the dance floor. Check out their wacky video for "Royal Family" if you want some visuals to accompany the groove. You can currently catch Free Blood on tour across North America opening for Hot Chip.

» Bonus Track: Royal Family
» Bonus Track: Quick and Painful (Hot Chip Remix)

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