Monday, April 07, 2008

YMCK - Future Invasion

If you're at all into the current 8-bit music scene, which re-appropriates old school video game samples and synthesizer chips to make new songs, odds are you may have heard of the Japanese trio YMCK. They played the Blip Festival a couple of years ago in New York and have been gaining in popularity with the help of their pixel perfect retro music videos. Just last month their third album Family Genesis was released in the U.S., and I'm happy to report that it's basically more of the same sugary pop goodness! Most of the lyrics and song titles aren't in English, but that hardly seems to matter. Be warned: if you didn't grow up on the beeps and bleeps of the NES or Commodore 64, their music just might make you want to stab toothpicks in your ears!

» Bonus Track: Sabita Tobira no Dai 8 Tengoku
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