Thursday, May 08, 2008

Muzak For Cybernetics... Muxtape?

I know it's already been another two months since I posted the last Muzak For Cybernetics Mixtape, but in the meantime I thought I would offer a compromise of sorts. is a cool new web service that allows you to upload MP3s to create an online mixtape that you can share with friends. A lot of people are predicting that it's only a matter of time before the site is either (a) shut down by the RIAA, or (b) deemed uncool by the hipster elite. The way things are going, it appears that (b) may actually happen first, but whatever... there's something about the simplicity and the spirit of the site that I really dig. I have chosen 12 tracks that are sort of loosely inspired by my recent trip to California... loosely being the key word. Enjoy.

» Listen to the Muzak For Cybernetics Muxtape

Ramblin Ambassadors - Camino Real
Spinto Band - Summer Grof
Mates of State - California
The Futureheads - Walking Backwards
Elvis Costello - American Gangster Time
The Dodos - Eyelids
Flight of the Conchords - Mutha'uckas
Beck - Hollywood Freaks
Yea Big + Kid Static - The Life Here
Vampire Weekend - Arrows
The High Dials - Morning's White Vibration
America - Ventura Highway

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Eddie From Torrance said...

the link is just leading to blankness