Thursday, July 24, 2008

Koufax - Strugglers

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple of weeks ago that Koufax will be releasing a new album in September called Strugglers. If you ask me, not enough people have heard this band and I was beginning to think they had broken up for good. They kind of got the shaft after being dropped from Vagrant Records when their album Social Life failed to sell as many records as bands like The Get Up Kids... go figure. Rob and Ryan Pope actually played in the band at one point too.

If you're into poppy piano ballads and dreamy synthesizers, this is one band you definitely must check out. Considering the fact that they sound kind of similar to Spoon, I'm surprised they haven't completely lit up the blogosphere by now. This title track is our first taste of the new album that will be available on September 23rd. A digital single for the song "Any Moment Now" will also be released on August 5th.

» Bonus Track: Let Us Know (from Social Life)
» Pre-order it on Amazon

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Judge said...

I have never heard of them but i will definietly consider picking up one CD from them... thanks again!