Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Polysics - Digital Coffee

Every time I turn around, there's a wacky new album from Tokyo's Polysics out there, waiting to be discovered -- the only problem is tracking down an actual copy of it. Although they've had a few brief brushes with North American success, for the most part they are just content to pump out new releases over in Japan where they have a pretty big following (their label, Ki/oon Records, is owned by Sony). Their last two albums, Karate House, and now We Ate The Machine, have both been released on MySpace Records here in North America, but I don't think many people have had a chance to hear them. We Ate The Machine is their 8th full length album, and they certainly aren't showing any signs of mellowing out (the track "Digital Coffee" is about as appropriately titled as you can get). I'm pretty stoked to be seeing these guys in Toronto next month to ring in my 30th birthday!

» Bonus Track: Blue Noise
» Bonus Track: Pretty Good
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Anonymous said...

Yeah this is such a great album, I'm glad u have written about it. They were so great when they played on Halloween in NYC...They started the show in DEVO costumes which they tore off after opening their set with a cover of Uncontrollable Urge!! Except Hiro couldn't get his off and a girl from their crew had to run on stage and help him ˆ_ˆ