Monday, April 20, 2009

Muzak for Cybernetics on Blip.FM

In my haphazard quest to find new avenues to share music online, I've recently joined Blip.FM, a service that is really taking off thanks to its ease of integration with Twitter. The basic idea is that you select songs from their extensive music database, and post them with a short message or description. You can build up a network of DJs and custom playlists of songs that you like.

I've embedded a widget in the sidebar so you can see my latest Blips, but the formatting is a little bit awkward. It's probably easier if you just look me up at If you're already on Blip.FM or if you're planning on joining in the near future, make sure you send me a message or add me as a favourite. Catch you on the BLIPside... err, nevermind.


bob reich said...

Nice to see you're on just added you to my blogroll @

Sean said...

Thanks Bob... I have added you to our blogroll as well (which is really outdated and probably in need of revision at this point).