Sunday, April 19, 2009

Polysics - Shout Aloud! (Video)

Hey folks... after taking a bit of a hiatus to rethink what's going on with this site, I've decided I'm going to start posting music videos on here a lot more frequently. They are easier to post and -- ahem -- a lot more legal too. I'm not giving up on MP3s entirely but it seems like MP3 blogs in general are a dying breed, and I'm going to keep looking for new ways to share music that excites me. Anyway, in the meantime, enjoy the latest single from Tokyo's Polysics... a band who are even better with the visuals to accompany the music!

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Rian said...

I saw Polysics about a year and a half ago with Say Anything. Their music is pretty cool, but the fact that I have no idea what they're saying most of the time makes it kind of hard for me to enjoy casually listening to them in the car or while working. Seeing them live was awesome though. They stole the show, which wasn't hard to do since Max Bemis seemed like he was in way too shitty of a mood to be charismatic that night, so Say Anything's set was pretty lackluster. It's a blast watching Polysics dance around and really get into their music, and the fact that they're always wearing those orange jumpsuits and black glasses gives them this really weird, mysterious quality. Thumbs up.