Monday, March 01, 2010

Kirsten Dunst - Turning Japanese (Video)

Kirsten Dunst visits Akihabara in full cosplay getup for this strange music video commissioned by artist Takashi Murakami and directed by McG. It supposedly screened last fall at a London art show called "Pop Life: Art in a Material World". In other words, it wasn't made for public consumption, and seems to be getting pulled off YouTube quite quickly. The embed may not be around for long.

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Jinmi.....Indie said...

i was at the exhibit
they ahd a whole lot of modern art in there there was even one made by pharell in there also the kanye bear and all decked out in 100% official gem stones. it was crack
the whole kirsten dunst thing was part of it too
she was some anime princess i forgot the name but yeah she was cast in it.